Dissemination & Communication

As part of the project, the ANB Sensors team have attended and presented at industrial conferences and exhibitions. For the iCal pHenom technology these include:

  • Finalist in the Cambridge Independent, One to Watch, small enterprise competition 2018
  • Poster presentation at the Waste Water Environmental Monitoring Convention, Telford, November 2018
  • Remote environmental monitoring, SWIG Workshop, Dorset, January 2019
  • Poster acceptance and elevator pitch presentation, Pitconn Phildelphia, March 2019
  • Awarded top 21 companies one to watch, Cofinitive, April 2019

The industrial conferences and exhibitions attended for the Solid State pHenom technology include:

  • The Marine Autonomy Technology Showcase, NOC Southampton, November 2018
  • Oceanology International, San Diego, February 2019
  • Ocean Business, Southampton, April 2019
  • Business Weekly Killer50, May 2019
  • Preparation of two journal articles for peer review publication for submission in Q4 2019


Waste Water Environmental Monitoring Convention

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SWIG workshop on Remote Environmental Monitoring at the Freshwater Biological Association River Laboratory on 30 January 2019, kindly sponsored by Xylem Analytics.

Interesting workshop on the drivers coming through from UK environmental monitoring policy, and how sensor and communications technologies are addressing these challenging requirements for permanent, semi-permanent and portable monitoring systems, both in the sensing and communications hardware and data delivery to the client.

Lots of thought-provoking presentations from organisations implementing policy, monitoring system users and providers, and academic presentations on novel remote monitoring systems.



Pittcon is the world’s leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science. Pittcon attracts attendees from industry, academia and government from over 90 countries worldwide. 

We were chosen to do a 5 minute elevator pitch on Sunday afternoon which led to lots of interest at our iCal poster the following days.




Mats – Marine Autonomy Technology Showcase 

Oceanology International

ANB Sensors went to San Diego to attend Oceanology International Conference and Exhibition.

Oceanology International is the world’s leading marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference. Oi started in the UK and runs every two years. In 2019 it celebrated its 50th anniversary in San Diego

This is one of the world’s leading forums for marine science & ocean technology events, where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the marine science and ocean technology communities.

Ocean Business

ANB Sensors went to Southampton to attend Ocean Business in April. It was a great show, excellent for catching up with contacts, meeting new people, and getting an insight into what will be happening next in the industry.




Business Weekly Killer 50