ANB Sensor’s ultimate goal in this project is to develop and produce three (3) calibration free commercial prototype sensor systems (one glass pH sensor system, one ISE system and one pHenom system for use on AUV’s).


These commercial prototypes will be used to demonstrate the operational advantages of the pHenom technology and to gain market acceptance from prospective licensees and end-users.

The ultimate project outcomes will be:

To revolutionise pH sensing by providing smart, affordable, self-calibrating sensors


    • Ensure that drinking water quality is controlled through standards based on the latest scientific evidence
    • Secure an efficient and effective monitoring, assessment and enforcement of drinking water quality;
    • Provide the consumers with adequate, timely and appropriately information;
    • Contribute to the broader EU water and health policy;
    • More accurate and numerous readings will give a more detailed, complete and truer picture of ocean acidification
    • Improvements to public health and safety by improved monitoring of water.
    • Improvement in water resource management by smart networked monitoring and management of water resources